Embarking on a Revolutionary Journey

Odisha Design Council, proudly unveils the 'ODC School of Design' – Eastern India's epitome of design excellence With a legacy rooted in our founder's vision, guided by esteemed mentors and advisory board members, and fortified by the ODC network globally, we present a holistic learning experience for aspiring Designers Situated in the Cultural Hub of Bhubaneswar, India, our newborn institution aspires to redefine design education. Our vision is global, our curriculum is cutting-edge, and our mission is clear – to ascend as the world's premier Design School.

Step into a new era of design education with us, where innovation and excellence converge. We extend a warm welcome to international university collaborators, visionary academicians, partners, promoters, and investors. part of this groundbreaking initiative, and together, let's shape the future of design education!

For further inquiries, please contact us at odishadesigncouncil@gmail.com Join us as we break grounds and soar to new heights in design excellence!


Embracing a moment of great pride

We are thrilled to announce our consecutive victory at the esteemed 'India's Best Design Award' within the Indian design community. Our remarkable journey commenced with the inception of the branding for 'Odisha Design Week' in 2021, where the brand identity design drew inspiration from the iconic arch of the medieval Muktheswara Temple in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, infusing a cultural richness into the project.

I extend my sincere appreciation to Vishakha Gautam, a talented intern from the Symbiosis Institute of Design, whose visionary approach and meticulous execution shaped this project as her Graduation Project at ODC - Odisha Design Council. This win stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and steadfast commitment to the ever-evolving world of design.


About Us

Odisha Design Council is a social, not-for-profit organization with the mission to research and implement traditional design practices of Odisha in modern design domains. It aims to spread awareness and education through extensive research and skill training, in the field of design. The goal is to discover untapped resources, develop strategical techniques and build products and services that add value to the economy. We plan to conduct design events and activities across the state of Odisha to promote the state as the hub of design that meets global industry standards. ODC believes in creating a social impact through its design methodologies.

‘Design is not merely about creating something, it’s largely about solving a problem.’ Our approach at ODC is to take up a challenge from the grassroot level, use strategic design techniques and deliver solutions that bring about positive social, environmental and economic change.


Our Mission

To research and discover the Design Principles & Practices which are a part of ancient Odia as well as Indian cultural traditions in order to enrich design methodologies and showcase how these can be applied in the modern Design domains.

Our Vision

ODC has the vision to be the Centre-of-Excellence of design and User Experience (UX) from the state, to promote and spread the awareness and education on global standards in design and contribute through the creation and teaching of advanced design methods.

Our Plan

To promote and conduct design events and activities across the state to promote Odisha as the hub of design education and research for the modern-day industry needs on a global scale, enriched with rich Odisha’s Design culture and practices

Odisha Design Week

#ODW2021 is organised recently by Ödisha Design Council as the first of its kind in the history of Odisha with the important mission to always push forward the creative economy and support the creative potential. Odisha Design Week becomes the platform to unleash the creators’ potential, being a space for networking and connection between designers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and local craftsmen.

ODW also encourages everyone to learn from each other and find answers together. Pushing the economy forward by making design and creativity for everyone for everything. This time there were more than 30 well known designers from worldwide across all disciplines have participated and shared their works to make this mega event really successful. To know more about the event plz visit:www.odishadesignweek.org

The Man Behind Our Logo

We recently won the INDIA’S BEST DESIGN AWARD by Pool, one of the most prestigious honors in the Indian design industry for our Brand and Visual Identity Design of ’Odisha Design Council’ - ODC.

The logo was exclusively designed by none other than our founder, Mr. Paresh Choudhury. The three circles represent the foundation of a Child’s learning in Odia Culture – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. The logo also brings about the significance of circles in Odia culture, be it Lord Jagannath or Odia scripts. It was developed in November 2018, right before the registration of ODC as a Trust. The logo was highly appreciated by esteemed designers and received overwhelming responses from across the globe on social media platforms.

What we do

Here are a few Domains we love to explore

Design Training & Education

Organizations around the world are recognizing the potential of design. Our design training and education makes cutting-edge design-led thinking and approaches available to organisations and institutions of all sizes and budgets.


Our research provides evidence on the impact and value of design. We explore design’s role in economic development, tackling societal challenges to advance the understanding and use of design throughout the state.


Due to lack of Typographic research, The recent Font productions looks unfamiliar and loses its original characteristics and forms. ODC is determined to work on this area with the help of Government and private bodies

Industrial Design

We at ODC believe in thorough research and design process with consideration of the usability, ergonomics and aesthetics of common mass-produced items and works to improve the design, function, engineering and marketing of these items.

Design For Social Impact

We use design as a strategic tool to tackle major societal challenges, drive economic growth and innovation, and improve the quality of life and environment. Our approach is people-centred and enables the delivery of positive social, environmental and economic change.

UX & Interaction Design

We always emphasize on ergonomics of human computer interaction. We define user experience as a person's perceptions and responses which result from their use or anticipated use of a product, system, or a service".

Design Against Cyclone Odisha

This community project, led by Prof. Paresh Choudhury, about sustainable designing of the entire ecosystem for cyclone-prone crafts villages of coastal Odisha, is under process. We are open to collaboration and international funding. The research paper on the same was selected to be presented by Prof. Choudhury at Pratt Institute, New York, in the international conference – Design Principles and Practices in 2020.

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Our honorary mentor of the ODC

Prof. Pradyumna Vyas

Senior Advisor, Design & Innovation,
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Board of Director,
World Design Organisation (WDO)
Former Director,
National Institute of Design (NID)

Advisory Board

Our honorary members of the advisory board

Prof. Mookesh Patel

Professor Emeritus,
Arizona State University, USA
Former Dean, Parsons School of Design/ISDI

Prof. Anant Chakradeo

Dean, MIT Institute of Design

Prof. Cees de Bont

Dean, School of Design     and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, UK

Prof. G. V. Sreekumar

HOD, Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay

Prof. Mahendra Patel

Retd. Principal Designer, NID

Sudhir Sharma

CEO INDI Design, Editor Pool/DesignIndia Magazine

Rupali Kar

Communication Specialist

Mark Watson

Founder, Design Thinker Group, Australia

Dr. Sruti Mohapatra

Founder & Chief Executive, Swabhiman

Jabin Mora

Product Design, MTA, Mexico

Dr. Susmita Mohanty

Spaceship Designer
Space Entrepreneur CEO, Earth2Orbit

Prof. Peer M. Sathikh

Associate Chair, Nanyang Technological University

Rikke Hansen

Creative Director, MA Wheelsandwaves, Denmark

Dr. V. Vijay Kumar

Dean, School of Communications, XIM University, Bhubaneswar, India.

Nima DT Namchu

Former Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide

Prof. Ranjana Dani

Faculty Member, MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India

Ranjeet Tayi

Director, User Experience Design at Informatica, US

Dr. Uday Kumar

HOD, Dept. of Design,       IIT-Guwahati
Designer of the Rupee Symbol

Prof. Sanmitra Chitte

Dean, School of Management, World University of Design.

Samir Dash

Interaction Designer, Former Application Consultant to IBM

Neena Bhattacharjee

Global Talent Management Leader TEDx Speaker & Behavior Psychologist

Dr. Manohar Desai

Head of Department, Communication Design, Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)


Founder of the ODC

Prof. Paresh Choudhury

Founder Professor & Former HOD,
National Institute of Design (NID), India
Former Professor & Head: School of Graphic Design,
DSK Pune/Coventry University UK
Former Professor,
MIT Institute of Design (MIT ID), Pune

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If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to write to us at