Wayfinding Design – Raghurajpur  I

Well known heritage village Raghurajpur, situated in Puri district of Odisha, famous for its handicrafts majorly in Pattachitra, an art form dates back to 5 BC, is still need to be given much deserved attention to promote it in a methodical way. There are many constant endeavors made by government, INTAC and other bodies visible in the village, nevertheless there is a huge gap in terms of branding and Information system from tourist point views to recall and to navigated in to their intended destinations.

Considering the facts and problem areas, Odisha Design Council (ODC) has initiated few steps like Crafts Documentations and followed by developing a comprehensive Wayfinding Design System in the line of branding to establish a visual identity and information systems as well to incorporate a rich user experience design in the form of a manual for this cyclone hit craft village as a model project, having gone through a thorough research and design process. What is next? This manual, which contains the entire design guidelines as a protected creative intellectual property, needs to be implemented in the site by a prospective aficionado promoter or by government organization soon. For more details, kindly write to: Chairman, Odisha Design Council by email: odishadesigncouncil@gmail.com