Internships   i

We offer internships to provide opportunities for talented students to gain work experience. To keep the process fair we don’t accept unsolicited applications. Anyone interested can send a small proposal about the areas of interest and an updated CV to or

Become a Design Associate Domain (DAD)   i

Our Design Associates provide vital independent support for our work. Together they form an unparalleled professional network of specialists in the field of design who are passionate about the value and benefits of good design. Our expert network means we are able to deliver high quality work across a broad geographic reach, and across a wide range of skills and disciplines. We recognize the importance and benefits of a diverse, multidisciplinary network, and are committed to actively promoting equality and inclusivity throughout our work. From time to time, we will look to include Design Associates to our network to expand our access to expertise in certain disciplines or domain.Write to or

Be a Partner   i

Purposeful design that delivers public benefit is at the heart of everything that we do at ODC. Collaboration is a key part of the design process, and by working in partnership with other charities, governments and corporations we are able to achieve so much more. There are a number of ways to work in partnership with us, including: funding a programme to tackle a major social challenge; supporting a campaign to provide design education, or sharing research resources in order to understand a particular issue around how design relates to business or public policy. If you’re interested in partnering with us please email or ideally sharing a brief description of your project in order to be directed to one of our experts in your area of interest.

Funding / Be a Patron / Be a Sponsor   i

We are an independent charity Public’s advisor on design. Our income is derived from a combination of grants, partnerships and commissioned, paid-for services. A key element of our activities is a grant programmes. We are open to be funded and Patrons and sponsors are highly welcomed. Their Logos will be displaced in our home page. For details, please write to or

University or Institute Partner   i

We are open to include various institutes or Universities as our knowledge-sharing partners in which we can jointly work on various programs and projects to unfold design education by supporting each other. It could be on developments of curriculum or research based activities or some knowledge-oriented
exchange programs.

Become a volunteer   i

We need young or young-in-heart volunteers who are passionate for world of Design, irrespective from any background. Please shoot an email with an area of interest at ODC to