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ODC’s first event ever since it is founded recently, - ‘Demystifying Design’ is a popular national workshop jointly organized by IDC (Industrial Design Centre) of IIT-Bombay and ODC (Odisha Design Council) in smart city-Bhubaneswar first of its kind. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the discipline, finding a common ground to define design has always been a challenge. The workshops aims to demystify the definition of design for those who plan to venture into the design world or are in various professions of design but still find it difficult to articulate the term. 
This one-day session is exclusively designed to clarify your doubts about what is design? It is therefore open for people from various professions including design. Aim is to foster understanding, by employing an unique approach of learning design through everyday observations, discussions and debates in applied contexts. In summary,
we simplify understanding design. Explore the world of Industrial and Communication design by being a part of this.

Seats are limited. Send an E-mail for registration details and more information to
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The Venue and the Date will be announced shortly...