Design Against Cyclone Odisha  I

Odisha, the Indian state known for its rich art, crafts, dance, architecture and natural resources; has been facing cyclones frequently, which disrupts its socioeconomic growth. A month back the horrifying super cyclone ‘FANI’, destroyed many villages causing hundreds of deaths and maximum ravages in the world-famous heritage district – Puri. Entire flora and fauna of the region has been wrecked. The major population who are artisans or crafts-men lost their livelihood as their artifacts, handicrafts and miniature paintings along with their houses were completely destroyed, pulling back by at least a decade in reintegration. But then you never know it may repeat again. Time to design sustainable solutions that would withstand such super cyclones.

The Odisha Design Council (ODC) calls upon both national and international design community, designers, architectures, researchers, CSRs, funding organizations and social enterprises to send proposals and abstracts on sustainable designs for the system, villages, houses, interior-space, and storage equipment that save lives and their livelihoods for a cyclone-proof world. The shortlisted proposals will be presented and discussed in a proposed seminar to pull best ideas for implementing them as funded projects.

The role of ODC is to initiate this awareness campaign to bring people together especially the stakeholders including government bodies in the form of seminar/workshop to one round-table talks the matter and to advocate for implementing the best sustainable problem solving proposals; focusing primarily to protect the exquisite craftsmen, artisans and their villages, houses, other commodities and livelihood including their priceless art-works from cyclone. This is just small initiative and will go ahead only if we have adequate support and response.