ODC Logo Story I

The basic idea of ODC Brand Identity Design was inspired from ‘three circles’ OOO – ‘Branhma, Bishnu Maheswar ‘pronounced locally in Odia culture when a child starts learning alphabets. And also circles are integral parts of this culture in every aspect of lives starting from
Odia Scripts.

Three forms are also very significant in this state. However, the three graphical elements as counter space inside of resembling three letters –ODC have also some meanings like – the ‘dot’ inside O represents ‘starting’ point, the vertical line inside D represents ‘standing’ and the horizontal line inside of C represents ‘Going in a direction or mission’ coincidentally. ODC has a mission. In simple words, it says ‘Ready-steady-Go’. Also it can be interpreted as one kid is learnt the first lesson with dot, then standing line and then sleeping line to begin with.

The most importantly, the sound of nomenclature ‘ODC’ is the abbreviation of ‘Odisha Design Council’ that resembles ‘Odissi’, the famous Indian Classical dance which is the major attribution of Odisha. It is opened to interpreted in many ways. The Identity Design is got whole lot applauds in social medias around the world. The other idea was, this Identity design should look international and appealing to international audience with its universal visual language in a contemporary and minimalistic way, which is the Brand personality and ideology of Odisha Design Council. This identity was designed by Paresh Choudhury, the founder of Odisha Design Council (ODC).