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The purpose of ODC – Odisha Design Council is to make life better by design in state of Odisha. It is a social enterprise, founded as a Trust for 'Center of Excellency' to spread education, research and development in the field of Design in the state. Our vision is a world where the role of design is recognized as a fundamental creator of value, enabling happier, healthier and safer lives for all.

Through the power of design, we can make better Places, better Products, better Processes and better Performance. ODC will celebrate, advocate and actively engage in purposeful design for public benefit. It will work across the Built Environment, Branding, Business, Products and Public Services – providing design support services and training; delivering partner-funded programmes and running campaigns to raise awareness about the value of design.

Latest Achievements  I

We recently won the INDIA’S BEST DESIGN AWARD by ‘POOL’ magazine one of the most prestigious and adorable honors in the Indian design industry for our own Brand and Visual Identity (Logo) Design of ‘ODC’ – ‘Odisha Design Council’. Our founder Paresh Choudhury himself, who is currently associated academically with Symbiosis Institute of Design, having marked himself in both nationally and internationally for his versatile knowledge in design and an admirable mentor has designed it. The Award, he had received in a carousing mega event called, ‘India’s Best Design Award’ –‘Pool Show’, held at CONRAD Hotel Pune on 28th September 2019. He has served already as head of department in Communication Design at finest ‘National Institute of Design’ (NID) and many other premium institutes and organizations in past.

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